KYE-ID Helix

Industry Problems

  • Authenticate Digital Identifiers (DID) and publicly verifiable entrepreneurial information
  • Embed Risk Mitigation into onboarding for entrepreneurs
  • Establish EDD/KYC protocols for entrepreneurs
  • Verify Personally Identifiable Information (PII) for entrepreneurs

Why Providers Should Build Regional ID Ecosystems & Consortiums?

  • Build a trustless and SMART ecosystem for validators & innovators.
  • Credential credibility.
  • KYE-Identity Ecosystem Success Factors: Innovators-Validators-Transparency-Enhanced Security-Immutability.
  • Regional reputation systems for validators & innovators.

Why Innovators Should Participate In Regional ID Ecosystems & Consortiums?

  • Accelerate [Vendor & Needs Assessments]
  • Credential [Credibility]
  • Trust [Validators, Innovators, & Institutions]
  • Share [Validated documents with multiple suppliers]
  • Validate [ID & Program completion]
  • VendorFi [Fast Pass]

KYE-Identity Screening

AI-powered trusted Identity-as-a-Service that combines machine learning, AI, and human review of identity and venture snapshot. The first step in relying parties to begin developing trust with entrepreneurial brands. 

Solution: KYE-Identity Trust Framework

  • Build regional consortiums to advance entrepreneurial activities.
  • Increase speed of initiation and onboarding.
  • Enhance maintenance of client database: PII, Non-PII, & DID.

KYE-Identity Development

A digital identity network for regional opportunities.

  • KYE-Identity Screening
  • InJ Innovation Accounting II
  • Pivot.City integration

KYE-Identity Growth

A digital identity network for funding innovation regionally.

  • KYE-Identity Screening
  • InJ Innovation Accounting III
  • Pivot.City integration