Pivot.City Helix

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Pivot.City is a Triple Helix Network powered by the Innovator’s Journey Business Method & DLT to catalyze innovation ecosystems in a Web 3.0 environment. The Blockchain-enabled platform addresses the Last Mile Problem of decentralized entrepreneurial support and represents a Smart Economy for innovators.

Initial Smart Economy for Innovators

  • Smart North Florida
  • 121 Financial
  • Jacksonville Aviation Authority
  • Jacksonville Transportation Authority
  • JAX Chamber

Establishing Proof of Stake in Pivot. City

Pivot.City Proof of Stake (PoS) is a different way to promote distributive consensus and participation in an ecosystem. It requires innovators and resource providers to be validated participants in a trustless system.


Smart Economy Validators

  • Complete innovator protocol
  • Obtain validator roles:
    • P2P Engagement
    • Validate Contracts
    • Validate Entrepreneurial Process Models
    • Validate KYE-Identity Loops

How It Works

The Last Mile Problem (Entrepreneurial Pivolution) for most innovation ecosystems is decentralized entrepreneurial support to facilitate pivots on the Innovator’s Journey. Web 3.0 will require improved facilitation for trustless ecosystems across the globe in two key areas: OC-2 Ecosystems and P2P Consortiums..

The Entrepreneurial Pivolution

The Entrepreneurial Pivolution is a form of entrepreneurial process modeling (EPMN) that revolutionizes entrepreneurial support. The crux of this framework is that resource providers must pivot in their approach to support innovators and strengthen their own decision network architecture. There are three ways to facilitate the pivot:

  • Innovator’s Journey Business Method
  • ERP Validation Team 
  • P2P Validation Team

On-Chain/Off-Chain ERP Governance

  • Proof of Ecosystem Stake in a Smart Economy
  • Triple Helix Network Development

On-Chain: smart economy for innovators

  • Engagement Centered on Entrepreneurial Assets
  • Entrepreneurial Process Models (EPMN)
  • One-To-One-To-Many Education Feedback Loop
  • Self-Sovereignty Model for Innovator Assets

Blockchain Enabled Platform Attestations

  • Entrepreneurial Validation 
  • Innovation Accounting of Digital Assets
  • Innovation Ecosystem Efficiency (Trustless)
  • KYC/KYE-Identity