KYE: Know Your Entrepreneur


Pivolution: Ecosystem Disruption

The Innovator’s Journey business method leverages a service design that creates protocols and due diligence checks. The disruption is created through crowdsourcing, decentralization, and distributed ledger technology.

  • Node I [JTBD, P2P & P2P]
  • Node II [Testing & Vetting]
  • Node III [EPMN/Stage gates]
  • Node IV [Crowdsourcing & KYE]

InJ Start & Trust Verifications

KYE Protocols

  • KYE I-S
  • KYE II-D
  • KYE III-G 

KYE Due Diligence Checks

StartUp Stack

  • iVi Canvas
  • Pre-BM
  • Persona

Development Stack

  • Pre/Full BMC
  • FPC

Growth Stack

  • Customer Development

 Modeling Stack

  • EPMN
  • Pre Accelerator