Value Proposition(s)

  • Operationalize entrepreneurial support leveraging the Innovator’s Journey Business Method.
  • Promote consistency in entrepreneurial education & support. 
  • The acquisition of a service & tools that catalyze local entrepreneurial ecosystems.




  • Centralized entrepreneurial support.
  • Lack of a universal operating system for entrepreneurial support in Triple-Helix networks.
  • Loss of entrepreneurial knowledge base when employees change roles or leave.


  • Enhance coordination as a resource provider
  • Improve user engagement for entrepreneurs
  • Promote consistency among internal resources
  • Promote P2P entrepreneurial support
  • Scale entrepreneurial support & education

EdTech Solution

  • Entrepreneurial Process Modeling
  • Expert Service Design
  • Smart Economy:
    • PaaS (Educate)
    • BaaS (Cultivate)
    • IDaaS (Validate)

H3LICES Entity

  • A H3LICES Entity is a representative of an academic institution, government, or industry in a local community dedicated to entrepreneurial support.
  • These entities form Triple-Helix networks worldwide at the community level.

Innovator’s Journeys

  • Equity Free Journey
  • Innovation Driven Entrepreneurship
  • Resource Provider Journey

Helix Options

  • One
  • Three
  • Six
  • Max 20 participants per helix


  • Cohort (6-10 weeks)
  • Conference
  • Event-based


  • Blended (Online and In-Person)
  • Online only